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Preschool Screening

Child Find is a screening process to assist families in identifying children with special needs who may require specialized instruction.


The district screens students for developmental delays beginning at age 2 years 10 months. You may elect to have your child evaluated if you have concerns about your child’s development in any of the following areas:

  • Communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Social/Emotional skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Hearing
  • Vision

Following the screening process, a multidisciplinary team will meet with you to review the results and provide recommendations. The team will schedule follow-up appointments (observations and/or evaluations) based on the child’s individual needs, as appropriate.

Scheduling a Screening Appointment

Preschool screening clinics are conducted by appointment during the school year. Parents may schedule a screening appointment for their child by contacting the Special Services department at 803-266-7878