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District Occupational Credential

The district's Occupational Credential is intended to meet the needs of a small group of students with disabilities who need an alternative course of study that focuses on post-school employment and living skills. The vast majority of students with disabilities will complete the requirements for a South Carolina High School diploma. The district's Occupational Credential program is a modified curriculum consisting of courses in English, mathematics, careers, science, social studies and independent living skills. These courses are taught by Special Education Teachers. The IEP Team, which includes the parent and student, will make the recommendation as to the appropriateness of the Occupational Credenital program for a particular student.

The decision will be based on the student’s post-school transition needs and goals, academic and functional performance data, present levels of performance, and any other data needed to make the appropriate decision regarding graduation options.  Entry Criteria includes the IEP Team recommendation, with informed parental consent.

For additional information, contact your child's Special Education Teacher.