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Canvas Expectations

Canvas Expectations


All teachers are expected to maintain their Canvas classes and should have, at minimum, the information below.

Home - 

The home page should contain a brief description of the content covered in the class. Ideally including some language from the standards of the course. Here is where you want to set the expectations of the content of your class.

Assignments/Quiz - 

Preferably daily but, at least once a week an all digital assignment should be created and completed. They should be varied in application: One may be a paper, another a slideshow, or a quiz etc.. Not only should these assignments be classwork but also homework in order to improve home familiarity with Canvas.

Pages/Discussion -

Pages are a good way to show the content that is being done in class. Creating a page and showing spelling words, math examples, instructions for a project done during the class, pdf copy of a Jamboard, or worksheet done in Kami. For older students Discussions can be used instead providing not only a place to go and review pior content but to ask questions after the fact as well. Ideally these would be done everyday but at minimum weekly. 

Extra Good to Haves

Rubric - 

You can create a Rubric in Canvas. If an assignment has the submission type of Online then when using speed grader you can add a Rubric to the assignment. (If the assignment is using an external tool submission Google also offers the ability to add its own rubric to the google assignment)

Outcomes - 

Allow you to track mastery of a topic by creating a scale and then assigning that scale to quizzes that can update and show the students current progress. More info

Syllabus -

The syllabus page will show a summary of course assignments and has space at the top to add your own information. It is recommended to make this your Home page

Modules -

These are a way to organize assignments.

Calendar -

While any assignments created in Canvas are added to the calendar it is a good idea to manually add any test or assignment due dates that may be done physically to this as well.