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July 1, 2022 the Barnwell County Consolidated School District will open its doors wide open and we will be ready to embrace a new school year. 

We are excited about the many possibilities for our scholars. So much goes into planning for a new school year, but this year will be unique — it will be the beginning of a new school district grounded in the motto…”One Mission, All Scholars!” 

To our resilient scholars, dedicated educators and staff, supportive families, and our committed community partners, I want to assure you that we will be ready for the best year ever!

We have an opportunity of a lifetime to reignite our scholars’ passion for learning, reimagine learning opportunities, continue to focus on raising student achievement, and restore a sense of normalcy in the lives of our scholars and staff. We will continue to embrace the lessons learned over the past two years as we strive to implement robust learning experiences for our scholars. 

We will continue following our established safety protocols and we’ll make adjustments as we receive updates from the State.

Over this next school year, we look forward to continuing our quest to provide your scholar with everything he or she needs to become capable, confident and successful in life. We are positive that you’ll find caring and dedicated educators and staff who are skilled in knowing your scholar and bringing out his or her potential.

Words are insufficient to fully convey my gratitude and appreciation to you — our scholars, families, employees, Board of Trustees and community partners — for your continued support of the Barnwell County Consolidated School District. 

We are going to make it an exceptional year, and remain committed to excellence on behalf of our scholars! 

Dr. Marcella Shaw

Interim Superintendent, 

Barnwell County Consolidated School District

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