Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Idalia

Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Idalia, Barnwell School District 45 and Barnwell County
Consolidated School District have updated the changes in our district operations. As you are aware, all
schools will follow a half-day schedule today, August 30, 2023, for students and staff members and
operate the remainder of the day as an eLearning half-day.

Following today’s meeting with Emergency Management officials regarding the latest National Weather
Service update, the school districts have altered our closure plans. In anticipation of the potential
impacts of Hurricane Idalia continuing into early morning Thursday for our area and knowing Hurricane
Idalia could maintain hurricane intensity moving into South Carolina later this evening, all schools will
operate as an eLearning day on Thursday, August 31st. Each school will notify families regarding the
expectations for eLearning days. No students or staff will report to campus on Thursday, August 31st. All
athletic events, after school programs, and extracurricular activities Wednesday after 11am and
Thursday are canceled or rescheduled.

Altering school operations due to inclement weather is always a challenging decision to make, and we
apologize for any inconvenience to our families when making adjustments to our regular schedules.
While weather can be unpredictable in situations such as this, we will continue to monitor the storm
alongside our Barnwell County Emergency Management officials.
As always, we would like to extend gratitude to our county’s Emergency Management officials and
thank them for all they do to prepare us for emergency situations like this.  Our priority is the safety of
our students and families, and we encourage everyone to take measures to prepare for the potential
impact of this storm.